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Karin has been showing off Detroit for over a decade. When the demand for tours increased dramatically in 2016, she decided that it was now or never and launched City Tour Detroit, a full-time business venture. Since then, she’s never looked back. Every day is still a new adventure. “I get to meet wonderful people from all over the world, fuel my passion for history, and discover all the fun new developments underway today.”

Karin loves hearing guests remark about how wonderful Detroit really is. She strives to counter guests’ low expectations of the city and dispel the image of Detroit as some new discovery. “C’mon now, we put the world on wheels” and “Detroit’s European roots predate the founding of our nation” are examples of oft-repeated phrases Karin utters on tour and off to emphasize the city’s long history and significant global contributions.

Karin has always marveled at Detroit’s fascinating history. In fact, when she graduated from Central Michigan University many moons ago, she thought about how great it would be to start a tour company. Now, years later, that’s exactly what she’s done! While many of her peers are enjoying retirement, Karin continues to expand her company which shows off the many different facets of Detroit’s fabulous and quirky history.

She’s also the author of A History Lover’s Guide To Detroit, published by The History Press in November 2018.

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Pat is a self-proclaimed expert on history—well, mostly Ford history relating to both Henry and Clara as well as Ford Motor Company. This former docent and historical presenter learned all the secrets during her long stint at Fair Lane Estate, home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford for over 30 years, and Greenfield Village, Henry Ford’s 80-acre time capsule. “I can enthusiastically and knowledgeably dazzle you with history,” says Pat with a smile.

Pat, a retired school secretary and human resources specialist, is stoked by the revitalization underway in Detroit. That’s why she jumped at the opportunity to be part of the City Tour Detroit team and extol the virtues of her former hometown. Changing perspectives about Detroit one person at a time is Pat’s personal mission. A guest recently wrote in a Trip Advisor review: “To be honest, I didn’t have the best impression of Detroit before visiting, but Pat changed all that!” Over the past four years, Pat has been able to change the perspectives of hundreds of people from all over the world in her role as tour guide, a position she relishes.

In her free time, this mom of four adult children and grandmother of six can be found enjoying the city’s rich and diverse cultural offerings with her husband Ed. Of course, these outings always involve dining out at a new hot spot or an old favorite.


People immediately sense the passion and enthusiasm radiating from Nancy whenever she talks about one of her favorite topics: Detroit. Working in the city for over two decades, Nancy was always drawn to its rich history, vibrant culture and magnificent architecture.

She watched in awe from the perfect vantage point, a tech company located in the heart of downtown where she worked as a software developer, and witnessed firsthand old buildings, darkened streets and empty parks come back to life. Excited by the transformation, she and her husband Mark gave impromptu tours to willing family and friends to show off the amazing things happening in the city.

A City Tour Detroit guide since 2016, Nancy is thrilled to showcase Detroit to locals rediscovering the city and worldwide travelers. She delights in seeing their initial apprehension give way to amazement as the history, architecture and new developments unfold before them. Nancy likes to include commentary on the efforts of the people who have lived in Detroit through the good and rough times, who had a vision and who have worked so hard to revitalize this incredible city.

When not giving tours, Nancy can be found distributing food at homeless shelters, working to raise money and awareness for local food pantries or cleaning up public parks. An avid gardener, she’s turned dirt at many of the city’s urban gardens, pruned and planted new trees and even grapevines alongside her husband in the country’s largest urban vineyard located right here in Detroit.

And a great city invites great chefs! Nancy loves to discover and savor the countless delicious dishes and cocktails of the many new restaurants and bars in the city. Come and join her on one of our fabulous foodie tours!

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Robin grew up in northern Michigan and has lived in Kalamazoo, Iowa and Oregon. She moved to Detroit several years ago to be closer to family and baseball. If you have a question about the Tigers or Comerica Park, Robin likely has the answer (or at least an opinion)!

Robin has worked in a variety of writing environments. She’s the former editor of Curbed Detroit, which covers everything from cool real estate listings to the latest development news to Detroit building history. In her free time, she’s likely either watching baseball or walking along the Riverfront, Belle Isle or the Dequindre Cut with her dog, Bootsie.

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