Incredible Journey to Midnight: Detroit Underground Railroad Lantern Walking Tour

Saturday nights:  August 3  | 7 PM (2.5-3 hours) / Check back in January for 2020 schedule

$36 adults, $18 youth (17 and under)

Starting Location: Second Baptist Church, 411 Monroe Street, Detroit 48226

Tour ends at Gateway to Freedom Monument, 1 Hart Plaza, Detroit 48226


Unique Detroit Underground Railroad Walking Tour

The Incredible Journey to Midnight: Detroit Underground Railroad Lantern Walking Tour is more of an experience than a tour. Attendees take a dramatic journey through Midnight, code for Detroit, where they retrace the steps of Freedom Seekers at this important, final stop on the long, treacherous road to freedom.


The tour begins with a powerful reenactment inside the Croghan Street Station, a safe house located in the isolated cellar beneath Second Baptist Church, and provides a glimpse into the frightening conditions Freedom Seekers endured on their long journeys to freedom.


As tour goers covertly make their way through Midnight or Detroit, they'll encounter brave people who risked their lives escaping the horrors of bondage, prominent abolitionists who aided them, and influential politicians who used their influence to change the course of history. You never know who we may encounter along the way! Perhaps, we'll meet Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, George DeBaptiste, Seymour Finney, Laura Haviland, or Senator Jacob Merritt Howard.


Long underplayed or never told, Detroit's role in the Underground Railroad is one of many Detroit stories that begs to be told!


Underground Railroad Walking Tour price and FAQs

Tour price includes: narrated walking tour and people mover tokens.

This is a walking/people mover tour throughout Downtown Detroit with the emphasis on walking.

How far do we walk?

Incredible Journey to Midnight covers approximately 2+ miles in length and attendees must be able to access steep steps at church.

What should we wear and what happens if it rains?

Dress appropriately for the weather AND wear comfy, walking shoes. Tours run rain or shine. Tour is rescheduled under severe weather condition.

* Minimum attendees are required for tour to be a go. Check your email or check back with City Tour Detroit 48 hours prior to tour.