Dodge Brothers
The Dodge Brothers riding in guess what? A Dodge of course!



The car that changed the world.


Sundays: Aug 25; Sep 8, 22; Oct 6, 20; Nov 10; Dec 15

10 AM - 1:30 PM / $25 Adults, $15 Youth

Tour begins at 1 Hart Plaza (meet by electronic sign) and ends nearby at GMRenCen

Detroit is called the "Motor City" for good reason. The city is synonymous with cars. Detroit put the world on wheels and totally revolutionized society. In fact, one can’t go very far in any direction without being reminded of this industry's enormous legacy, its continued presence, and the early pioneers who made it all happen.


MotorCities Car Culture Tour covers significant and forgotten or little known Downtown and Midtown sites related to Detroit's automotive heritage. From the route Charles Brady King took when he drove the first car on the streets of Detroit to the birthplace of the Model T which changed the world, former Cass Avenue automobile dealerships - many selling cars whose names are unfamiliar today - which once dominated the Midtown area now occupied by trendy condos, restaurants, and retail shops to beautiful public art and architecture commissioned by wealthy industrialists or their heirs and much more.


We'll talk about the role labor unions played in giving a voice to autoworkers and elevating the middle class into a powerful socio-economic demographic wielding incredible political and economic clout. Along our tour route, we'll encounter multiple examples of the ancillary new industries, organizations, and products the auto industry gave rise to such as lodging, insurance, travel clubs, car washes, the nation's first coast-to-coast highway organized here in Detroit, stop lights, concrete highways, etc. We'll see examples of massive culture shifts brought on by the auto industry such as a sense of self reliance and freedom once enjoyed primarily by the wealthy but now available to the masses, Sunday drives, affordable cars, one-stop-shopping, suburbanization, and more.


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to rediscover Detroit's fascinating automotive heritage. This tour has been made possible in part by a grant from MotorCities National Heritage Area.


Tour price includes transit tokens, admission to Ford Piquette Plant, and an early autoworkers favorite lunch - a coney dog and soft drink.


Note: This is  a walking tour with emphasis on walking although we do travel aboard the Detroit People Mover and QLine.

Minimum attendees  (4) are required for tour to be a go.Check your email or check back with City Tour Detroit 48 hours prior to tour for confirmation.

Former Headquarters of auto giant General Motors