City Tour Detroit founder releases new Detroit guidebook

Detroit guidebook provides intimate tour of the city.

Detroit’s appeal as a tourist destination continues to grow. A History Lover’s Guide To Detroit makes it easy for sightseers to learn about the city while embarking on their own self-guided tour.

The 144-page History Press publication provides an intimate tour of the city that put the world on wheels. A city that also enjoys a long history of innovation, philanthropy, social justice and culture.

Written by City Tour Detroit founder Karin Risko, the book takes visitors inside many landmarks and attractions. The tiny recording studio where a young entrepreneur named Berry Gordy created a music empire that broke down racial barriers. The birthplace of the Model T which is considered one of the one of the most important automotive heritage sites in the world. Art Deco masterpieces so spectacular they’re called “cathedrals” to commerce and finance. And, of course, the convention hall and former arena where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. first delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech.

“Most people visiting Detroit come here with relatively low or no expectations,” says Ms. Risko. “They’re pleasantly surprised and amazed to discover a city with such rich history, diverse architecture, beautiful public spaces with notable sculptures, and impressive museums.”

“’A History Lover’s Guide To Detroit provides historic context and significance to the many noteworthy landmarks visitors will encounter during their stay. It also makes for a great souvenir and reminder of their awesome Detroit adventure.”

A History Lover’s Guide To Detroit features over 100 concise descriptions of noteworthy Detroiters and sites of interest as well as contemporary and historic photos.

It retails for $21.99 and can be purchased from the following Detroit retailers: DeVries & Co 1887, Pewabic Pottery, Pure Detroit, Source Booksellers, Underground Railroad Reading Station, Detroit Institute of Arts, and Detroit Historical Museum.

It’s also available for sale via the major online bookstores or directly through City Tour Detroit.

What lasting impact does the author hope her book will leave? 

While it’s cool to be excited about all the new developments underway, Detroit has a long, rich history that should be remembered and appreciated. My hope is that people use this book to rediscover Detroit’s fascinating past and appreciate how it shaped not only the region, but the nation and world.

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