Detroit Tour: Incredible Journey to Midnight Detroit UGRR Tour Returns

Detroit tour Incredible Journey to Midnight is back. When is the last time you saw 25+ people walking around downtown Detroit singing spirituals as they move from place to place amidst the raucous city sounds of blaring radios, mini bike processions, outdoor movies, pedal pub revelry, etc.?


The Incredible Journey to Midnight: Detroit Underground Railroad Tour returns for three dates only.  (July 22, August 5, August 26).


Not to brag, but this is the best tour in Detroit, and it’s not because of any one person.


It’s the best, because the history covered during the tour is in itself compelling.


It’s the best because passionate, talented actors bring to life historical giants such as Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, John Brown, Laura Haviland, George DeBaptiste and more.


It’s the best because our friends at historic Second Baptist Church of Detroit allow us to share their incredibly rich history by recreating a dramatic safe house experience in what was then the Croghan Street Station.


Passion. Drama. Incredible History. One tour. Four nights only.

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